the world hq for animal rescue

The No Suffer Society is racing to secure property rights for our World Rescue Embassy (WRE) — a groundbreaking global community center and the foundation for achieving a United World of Rescue — but our charity's unshakable dedication just can't keep up with the deep pockets of our for-profit competitors.

The future of the first nonprofit animal rescue innovation center now rests in your hands.

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about wre

Every international vision begins with a strong domestic foundation. For us, that's the World Rescue Embassy (WRE) — a 14,112 SF global gathering space for rescue leaders, shelter operators, social entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists, philanthropists, politicians, celebrities, and animal lovers of every stripe to achieve consensus and solve planetary challenges facing unadopted pets. 

WRE establishes a new precedent for animal rescue — interagency cooperation, aligned innovation, and collaborative education — a place where international partnerships are forged and operations modernized to save animal lives across the planet.



Achieving stakeholder Consensus


for international cooperation 


benefitting companion Animals

And Those Who Love Them


your pet IS our savior

We've identified the perfect facility for WRE and our plans are heavily supported by the property owners (both longtime NJ animal rescuers). But we are a small charity and they've begun to receive more financially lucrative offers — which means time is running out for bringing our dream to life. Under this terrifying pressure, the idea for our No Suffer Superhero campaign was born.

As a Founding Member of the No Suffer Squadron, your pet will channel their unique SuperPawer to rally global audiences and inspire future generations of animal rescuers — providing WRE the publicity it needs to survive. But our saviors won't take on this momentous endeavor alone, no, they’ll have the help of their heroic compawtriots and the dedicated team at NSS HQ to assist — actively amplifying your pet's impact by:

   Awarding them eternal No Suffer Superhero Status - conferring perpetual Mascot & Memorialization Rights and a permanent heroic presence in the future content our charity produces

 Emoji-fying their furry face for digital inclusion into our online & mobile platforms - including an invitation to be an in-app superhero mascot for a video-based adoption app set to launch next month

 Cloning their legendary likeness to assemble Plush Platoon of Stuffed Superheroes — ensuring that their SuperPawers do not go unnoticed by junior rescuers around the world

 And - when the time is right - creating thier very own holographic avatar to guide NSS visitors at innovation hubs & adoption kingdoms across the world - a rescue legacy that is sure to withstand the test of time

make your pet a real-life superhero



The No Suffer Society is committed to improving the lives of companion animals worldwide. We are mobilizing rescue leaders at the local, regional, and international levels to create a united No Suffer Movement that seeks to end poor living conditions for unadopted pets everywhere. By aligning the interests of a variety of stakeholders, we aim to build a planetary cooperative network with the combined power to achieve an unprecedented level of impact for shelter animals.

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