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What is the shelter to service (s2s) initiative?

NSS is committed to a United World of Rescue and no one understands this virtue better than those who dedicate their lives to defending the vulnerable. Shelter to Service (S2S) is building a Global Coalition of the world's foremost experts to align industry objectives (LEO, Military, Public, Private, Nonprofit, Governmental) and promote the merits of an international animal rescue & rehabilitation program. Phase 1 objectives are simple: connect a diverse group of stakeholders, determine shared values, and find common ground. A successful Phase 1 brings us exponentially closer to our ultimate vision — developing a not-for-profit veteran-employed animal recruitment & professionalization business model that is readily deployable to law enforcement agencies & security partners around the world.

What is S2S engaged in right now?

Achieving an international vision begins by establishing a foundation of success at home, so we are assembling the first Shelter to Service Leadership Council (S2SLC) — all-volunteer advisory committees that convene for brainstorming, networking, collaboration, and educating the public — comprised of experts from the tristate region. S2SLC Tristate will provide a crucial resource for stimulating new ideas and driving actionable efforts as we work to get S2S off the ground.

how will PROGRAM EXPENSES be covered?

NSS has built an extensive network of charitable donors, international philanthropists, impact investors, and strategic backers to sustain the opening phases of S2S. Partners & advisors may also invite their industry contacts to pitch in. As the initiative gains traction, monetization from several revenue streams will be recycled back into the program — eliminating a total reliance on donor funds and ensuring long-term stability for NSS and our partners. 

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