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Our Vision: A United World of Rescue

NSS envisions a paradigm shift in the way future generations help unadopted pets and we are striving to translate this ambitious dream into today’s reality.

What does our vision look like?

Imagine a world where shelter facilities are modernized, integrated, and cooperatively managed so that local intake capacity no longer determines whether an animal lives or dies.

A future where Animal Rescue is recognized as a holistic sector deserving of talent, investment, innovation, and scholarly discourse.

A planetary network employing a diversity of skillsets from rescuers who are united, empowered, and in constant communication with each other — collaborating across regions and beyond organizational affiliations to maximize the number of animal lives saved.

How can this be achieved?
By aligning stakeholders at the local, regional, national, and international levels to establish a foundational framework for the collaborative system we envision.

Animals evoke powerful feelings of happiness & positivity across all nationalities, cultures, ages, and socioeconomic demographics. NSS acknowledges the untapped potential inherent in this global phenomenon — we see a reservoir of transformational energy completely unrecognized and underutilized in the fragmented rescue system of today. Leveraged strategically, humanity’s universal love for companion animals will be the driving force of change responsible for the unprecedented level of collective action required to create a United World of Rescue.

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